Swing Spitfire

Swing Spitfire 1

The 1st generation Spitfire is a versatile speed-riding wing.
Depending on the wing load, it will satisfy novice riders up to the competitors.

It is available in many sizes:
7 m² – 8 m² – 9 m² – 11 m² – 13 m² – 13 m² – 15 m² and even a two-seater of 18 m².
This wide choice allows you to ideally adapt the size of the kite according to its weight and practice.


The elongation of the Spitfire is very low, which gives it a good passive safety, but it does not lack reactivity for all that.

It has few cells and the boxes are large, with large air intakes.

The lines are drawn but little tangled.

The lifts are rather large and heavy but very rigid and therefore very practical; the detangling becomes childish.

Trims are the main advantage of the Spitfire: very easy to handle in the air, and highly efficient.


Inflation is easy, the wing rises quickly, without overtaking. It does not pull in the slope in case of cross-slope deco and redirects rather well.

It takes a little bit of speed to handle it. With a bit of brake, this handling is quicker and allows a take-off on foot.

In Flight

The Spitfire has a good glide, its support is very good.

It will not fly very fast… Which will also make it a good speed-flying wing, the take-off and landing on foot being easy for this type of wings.

The ride is fun but moderate, a beginner will not be destabilized and a confirmed rider will still be able to have fun.

Trims open, speed increases enormously and the dive becomes very interesting.

It makes it easy to come back and replace the slope, whether you are just starting or not.


The Spitfire’s inflation is remarkable: it places itself on top of the head, ready to ride after only a few meters.

The wing follows well but needs a bit of emphasis to get on the edge.

Low speeds are well tolerated, but in order to get a good grip on the slope, it is preferable to open the trims halfway, if not fully.

Crimeed at full speed, the wing tends to want to take off.

Handling / Precision
Glide ratio
Thermal skills
Speed-flying / Proximity
Hike & fly
We like
  • General behaviour
  • Versatility
  • Garnitures
  • Inflation
We like less
  • Missing a little bit of dive
  • For expert riders, a slight lack of roll

Video review :

The Spitfire is a very homogeneous and versatile wing, but as everything that is good everywhere is nowhere excellent, the Spitfire does not deviate from the rule. It is still a wing that allows you to start and progress until you reach an expert level without changing your sail every year. The Spitfire is also and above all one of the best for those who are looking for a single wing to practice speed-riding and speed-flying. A sail that won't have time to catch dust in a closet!
Speed-riding, speed-flying & mini-voiles


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