Gin Fluid

Gin Fluid

The Fluid is a speed-riding wing for experienced pilots with a solid experience, under sail or ski, which will make it a second or third kite depending on the level of progression and regularity of the practice.

It is available in 3 sizes: 8 m² – 9.5 m² – 11 m².

The 8 will be for very light riders or competition.

9.5 will suit most riders.

11 will be more suited to large PTVs.


At first glance, one can feel a search for performance; for this type of wing, the Fluid has an elongation and a larger number of cells.

As on many speed wings, the lines are pulled out to facilitate drying – the web damages more easily when they are sheathed – so a little glance will be welcome to avoid leaving with a key!

The risers are very long, maybe a little too long, and it quickly becomes a bit messy, but the color markers and the elastic bands of the controls (we like it or not), still allow a quick grip.

The trims (on the front) are difficult to handle in the air, fortunately it is rare to need to do so because the travel at the controls and the speed range are so wide.



In Flight

The handling of the kite is rather good, do not hesitate to put a bit of brake, but only after a good speeding.

The resource is excellent, as on the Nano, which makes it possible to avoid unpleasant surprises, and remains an asset for this type of sails.
The turbulence will be dampened by the fact that it’s not bad tuning, which won’t necessarily please everyone, but we get used to it.

The orders are very responsive and precise and the barrels run on site.
Although the travel at the controls is long and physical at the end, the stall point may be surprising.

Once again, the Fluid likes speed.


The piloting is intuitive and the kite is quickly forgotten if you are a good pilot and know how to handle it. It still requires good pitch control which, once acquired, allows you to ski on steep slopes and at high speeds.

In low speeds, you must be careful not to overdrive if you don’t want to see half a wing spin, and keep a little speed so that you don’t see the wing fall into your back.
The Fluid likes to ride fast!


Handling / Precision
Glide ratio
Thermal skills
Speed-flying / Proximity
Hike & fly
We like
  • Accuracy
  • Dive
  • Glide ratio
  • Speed range
  • With ski
We like less
  • Elevators
  • Garnitures
  • Low speed

Video review :

The Fluid is clearly designed for experienced riders, both in terms of potential and handling. She will delight riders wishing to complete their progression, whether in leisure or competition. This is certainly a wing that bears its name well, because from the very first runs,"fluid" is the first word that comes to mind!
Speed-riding, speed-flying & mini-voile


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