Skycountry Descent 2

Sky Country Descent 2

The Descent 2 is the speed-riding and speedflying wing of the Ukrainian brand Sky Country, which is gradually making its appearance in France.
It is the Scorpio sail repair workshop, which takes care of the import in France and thanks for the loan of the wings.
A 3rd version should soon be released, with a more cushioned ride for more accessibility.

The Descent 2 is available in 10 m² – 12 m² – 15 m² and even 20 m².

We tested it in speed-riding in sizes 10 and 12.


Simple two-branch elevators and therefore very easy to untangle.

The neoprene brake handles are pleasant and come to be fixed on the lift thanks to a magnet, which lacks a little bit of force to maintain the control and which sticks quickly to the other lift. It’s a little annoying but not serious.

The trims are very low, which is not really practical for handling them while keeping control in your hands, in the air or when skiing.

The lines are fully sheathed, convenient to untangle and more resistant to ski edges. But it will be necessary to be very attentive to their drying because the core being locked in the sheath, it can end up rotting if it remains damp.

The skytex fabric, light but robust, offers a plus that is felt both in the ski and backpack phases.

The leading edge is profiled by classic mylars, although most manufacturers choose rods for modern wings.

The elongation of 3.5 is in the upper average of what is done in the field. The profile is rather classic, but has already proved its worth on many speed wings.


Inflation is easy and the wing rises quickly, without overshooting too much. It does not pull in the slope in case of cross-slope deco and redirects rather well.

The care is late and requires speed. With a little bit of brake, this treatment is faster but without more.

In Flight

Crimea, speed is present but not extreme.

The finesse is good and even better with a bit of brake.

Brake travel is short and a little physical.

The roll is present and the wing is very sharp on this axis, almost too much.

In barrel, be careful to hold your legs well and take a good margin not to be surprised.
If you combine fifth wheel + control, the wing starts quickly on the edge and even tends to screw into the barrels.

The piqué is good, even trimmed.

The resource is not very frank, especially if the kite didn’t have time to gain a lot of speed.

Depressed, the treatment is very late, even with a little bit of brake. You have to take good margins for gears.
The kite stings very hard but does not gain in resources, and you must be careful not to force too much on the brakes because you feel a tendency to stall the wing tips.


By decreasing the speed on the brakes, the glider loses glide and ends up with a lot of damage, which is very practical to reposition precisely and gently in cramped places, but which can destabilize at first sight.

The posing is done rather well, even if you feel the lack of resources.

Once the skis are on the ground, you get the feeling of a light wing that gives way to skiing.

The yaw and roll, which were a little destabilizing in the air, turned out to be very enjoyable for the most experienced skiers. The wing follows the skier’s movements, tolerates very low speeds and chaotic terrain.
We can even let her fall a little bit in the back, she will leave again without flinching at the slightest resumption of speed.

Its piqué and late pickup also make it possible to ski fast without taking off and to exploit steep slopes.

While detriming, it allows you to stay on the ground and ski with a high speed, but will need a big speed to take off again.

Handling / Precision
Glide ratio
Thermal skills
Speed-flying / Proximity
Hike & fly
We like
  • Skiing behaviour
  • Weight
We like less
  • Rolling too bright
  • Lack of resources

Video Review

The Descent 2 will suit the advanced speedriders, looking for a wing to find inaccessible slopes and ski with ease and pleasure. Its flight behaviour is a little unsettling at first glance and will not suit beginner pilots, who will have to wait for the 3rd version to find a more accessible wing. Even if Sky Country also advises it for the flight on foot, we recommend for this practice the Escape, speedflying sail of the same manufacturer, which has much better characteristics in this field.
Speed-riding, speed-flying & mini-voile

For any information or test, you can contact Scorpio by clicking on the image.


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