Swing Hybrid

Swing Hybrid

The Hybrid 15 was replaced this year by the new Mirage RS 15, and for good reason: the Hybrid is the big sister of the Mirage.
It is a wing that wants to be hybrid, between speed flying and mini sail.

It is available in 15 m2 – 17 m2 and 19 m2.

We flew for over a year on the 15th.


Elevators are well finished. Light and compact, they are equipped with trims and an accelerator (whose usefulness is questionable for the 15 m2).

The lines are pulled out, which saves weight, volume and a bit of performance. But we lose a lot in robustness, and the risk of keys on wild take-offs is very present.

The fabric is light and allows a significant weight gain, but it remains quite fragile.

The wing profile is flat and typical speed flying, with an elongation of less than 4, which gives it great passive safety.

The whole is compact and light (3 kg for the 15) and will lend itself very well to trekking flight.
There is even a light version (2.3 kg for the 15), the Hybrid Hike, available in all sizes.


Inflation is very effective, the sail is exceptionally good and climbs very quickly over the head (almost too fast), and has a strong tendency to overtake during a slightly vigorous climb. A frank tempo will be necessary.

The handling is very good but requires real speeding, like most speed flying wings.

The controls are rather firm, and on a fairly short travel, we have a direct and precise reaction of the wing. By pushing the control a little further, the turn deepens sharply and the loss of altitude becomes important.

Driving the harness is also very efficient, and should be preferred when flying close to the ground.

The glide is very good for a wing of this surface, and you won’t have to hesitate to play with the trims to find a bit of a dive.

The roll is present and player without being excessive. But here again, watch out for the loss of altitude when cornering, which can be tricky.

Laying is very easy, but you should forget your paragliding reflexes (if you have one), and favour a slight increase in speed before a final rounding, which you’ll prefer late.

Handling / Precision
Glide ratio
Thermal skills
Speed-flying / Proximity
Hike & fly
We like
  • Weight and dimensions
  • Fast inflation rate increase
  • Responsiveness
We like less
  • Frailty
  • For soaring: high drop rate during cornering

Video review

It is a wing clearly typed speed flying but with the accessibility of a mini sail. For the 15, an experience of mini or speedriding will be clearly recommended, while the 17 and 19 will be available to experienced paragliders. Its high drop rate in turns is not an asset for low wind soaring but when conditions get tough, you have fun! It is in the field of hiking flight that she will be the most comfortable, thanks to its weight (and even more in the light version) and its ease to take off over short distances. As Laurent Van Hill put it in his essay: http://leschoucas.com/tests-mini-voiles/voiles/Swing/swing-hybrid.html
Speed-riding, speed-flying & mini-voile


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